"We, the principle programming body of the Behrend College of the Pennsylvania State University, shall serve to the cultural, educational, recreational, and social interests of the Behrend College and its community, work with the Office of Student Activities to procure the above, and be responsible for the provision of activities, programs, and services which are of an all-college nature."

Our History

The Lion Entertainment Board started as the Student Programming Council (SPC) more than 15 years ago. It started out as a board of students who were voted in by the student body during SGA elections. After an extensive reformation of SPC, the Lion Entertainment Board was born. It was started out of the need to have something for students to do on the weekends instead of go home. It has grown to be one of Behrend’s most active and longest-running student organizations. We meet every Wednesday at 8:30 PM in Reed 114. Join the legacy!


Executive Board


Connor Shearer

executive director


Connor is LEB's executive director! He is a complete nerd who can't stop thinking about everything....

You can find him either in classes, with his friends, or being a hermit in his room slowly regretting his life decisions and wondering if he'll ever become sane again!


Allison Kuzora

business manager


Allison is a junior biology major who participates in Gamma Sigma Sigma and has danced in Behrend's mini THON.

She enjoys watching Big Bang Theory, hiking in the gorge and being a biology nerd. Fun Fact: She has been playing clarinet for 11 years!


Daryn Watt

publicity manager


Daryn is LEB's publicity manager. She designs the posters you see around campus and heads LEB's Street Team. She is a junior software engineering major with a love for coffee, cats, and Gilmore Girls. 



James Knoerdel

Entertainment Specialist


James is an Entertainment Specialist for LEB. He is an academic junior studying early childhood education and minoring in math and special education. 

James is also a member of student PSEA, a Resident Assistant, and an employee of the Club Hub. If you have any ideas for events, send him an email!


Uvi Fernando

Entertainment Specialist


Uvi is a very excited Entertainment Specialist for LEB. He loves being involved on campus and can often be found having fun with his friends in clubs!

If you see him around campus, be sure to say hello!

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Chris Sahovey

entertainment Specialist


Chris is studying Public Relations with an interest in pursuing a career in healthcare. He is an energetic, engaged, and passionate student who loves to see others succeed.

Chris is very eager to plan events for the Behrend community. You can be a part of the fun, too. Send him an email and ask how you can be involved. WE ARE PENN STATE!


Ashley Puder

Entertainment Specialist


Ashley is a sophomore plastics engineering technology major here at Behrend. She likes Olive Garden, cats, and chicken nuggets.


Clark Tieman

Non-Student Club Advisor


Street Team


Alicia Lint 



Alicia is a sophomore Marketing major here at Behrend. She is hardworking, honest, and loves to be involved!